To ensure success for us and our customers, we have partnered with the industry leaders within the major areas of data networking, data storage and data virtualization, namely Cisco Systems, EMC and VMware respectively. These industry leaders have formed a joint venture, VCE, with delivers cutting edge, green datacenter services, currently unprecedented amongst their competition.

Fjord has established a close relationship with the Norwegian University for Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim. The research project will expand both through NTNU and also through Fjord’s technology partners VMware, Cisco and EMC. Innovation Norway is a state-funded organization working to enhance innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry by giving financial support to businesses that needs it.Enova is owned by the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (MPE). Enova’s main mission is to contribute to environmentally sound and rational use and production of energy, relying on financial instruments and incentives to stimulate market actors and mechanisms to achieve national energy policy goals. IKT Norway is Norway’s ICT industry association. The Green Grid is a non-profit, open industry consortium of end-users, policy-makers, technology providers, facility architects, and utility companies collaborating to improve resource efficiency in information technology and data centers. Cinevation is a global provider of solutions for secure preservation of valuable data. The company is the leading provider of digital film printers to the motion picture industry. Expanding on its know-how of transferring images and data to film, the company now focuses on enabling digital data to be accessible in the future. Cinevation was started in 2002, and is based in Drammen, Norway.

Pivotalpartner      watchdoxpartner
New apps, big data, speed and scale to market. Pivotal takes services and applications from development to staging and testing into production in one platform. Like a personal bodyguard for sensitive files, the WatchDox platform enables you to securely sync, share & work with their files wherever they need to go.
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The next-generation platform that allows you to “box” and deploy applications and services in any cloud environment- public, private, or hybrid. The Network virtualization platform, providing agility, speed and flexibility – in a tool that deploys network service on the fly.