Migration Consulting Services

Fjord understands the complexity in today’s organizations and the challenges in migration from traditional IT and IT models to a cloud delivery model. Most organizations live with legacy solutions that consists of many choices made along the way, choices that looked good and was good when the decision was made, but now drains the organization for resources and valuable time. However, the digital age has come to stay, and it transforms the way organizations do business, how people work and communicate. Leaders must face this in order to survive, the question is “what to do next?”. We can help you answer that question and help you solve the complexity. Our team and our partners know how to design a migration strategy fit for your needs. The result is a migration that integrates your business and IT needs with your visions for the future. 

Our consulting services consists of

  • Mapping your situation
  • Tailor strategy for your need
  • Strategy implementation and change management
  • Follow up


Don’t wait until it gets worse, face the situation today and do something about it. Contact us at sales@fjordit.com