Accessing our digital life in the global
village – from anywhere on any device,
takes a lot of computing power.

Today we produce roughly 2,5 exabytes of data every day and the pace is accelerating. As we double the amount of data generated every second year, we are facing a challenge:

Can we handle so much data without making
a devastating negative impact on the environment?

At Fjord IT – we believe we can!

Benefit #1

We are located in a country produces a lot of renewable energy, in fact around 98,5% of the power production in Norway is from a renewable sources such as hydropower plants or wind farms.

We have a clean power source.

Benefit #2

Norway has a cold climate. Our annual mean temperature is less than 8°C. This means it is a very good place to cool down hot computers.

We have no need for costly cooling.

The story behind the company

With more than fifteen years of experience running computer equipment for the ASP and hosting market, we know a lot about data centers. We also know how frustrating it was when the water and electricity bill came – and how silly it felt to pay a lot of money and waste energy to cool down a computer hall, when the temperature outside was minus ten.

Couldn’t we do better?

We did some research and came to the conclusion that we really should utilize the advantages we have in Norway: Clean and renewable power and lot’s of it. A cold and stable climate. Good interconnections with Europe and a stable political government. We felt obligated to harness these advantages and develop a sustainable data center service for the markets that didn’t have access to the same resources.

We started exploring – and in 2011 the company Fjord IT was established. In 2012 we started the patenting process for our new free-cooling design and we went looking for power efficient and reliable hardware to build our service platform.


Suitable location

We find the best locations to house IT services in a secure way.


Negotiating the best possible agreement on hydropower, infrastructure and operations.


Install energy efficient technology to support the IT equipment.

Our Services

Private Virtual Data Centers with reduced environmental footprint.

Today, Fjord IT delivers it's Green Data Power service to customers in Europe and help them execute sustainable business growth.

Our goal is to deliver a sustainable services that creates shared values and positive outcomes for customers, society and our planet.

That's a pretty good reason
to go to work every day!


The reuse of heat

At Fjord IT, we always look for smart ways to reuse the heat generated from our data centers. Our philosophy states that; on all locations we should work with local community and companies to see how we best can make practical and effective use of this resource. We aim to be a part of local governmental environmental- and energy saving programs.

Whether it is heating of buildings, greenhouses for vegetable growers or delivery of heated water to algae production farms, we always try to find projects that benefits both the environment and local businesses.

The power of nature

The power of the Norwegian waterfalls has been utilized to turn millwheels and power sawmills from as far back as the early Middle Ages. By the end of the 1800s, the advent of electrification made it possible to harness the waterways to provide power to factories located away from the water source. Thus, hydropower laid the foundation for the industrialization of Norway. Just three years after Edisons lightbulb, the company O. A. Devolds Sønner set up a turbine to provide electical lighting in their factory.

Today, almost all power produced in Norway is renewable hydropower, making Norway one of the cleanest power producing countries in the world. Now it’s time to utilize this fantastic green power source for a new and much needed industrial development
– the Data Centers.

Green Data Power

Expanding existing data centers is a headache for organizations today: Available space, cost of cooling to meet new technology requirements, difficultly in recruiting IT personnel, limitations in power distribution and in many cases, pollutant power sources, can make this a very challenging and complex process. In addition to this, some EU countries will soon demand CO2 taxes as well, adding to the complexity and cost level for organizations.

Fjord IT offers a solution to this problem: Green Infrastructure as a Service. Our wholesale service enables customers to be eco-friendly and at the same time be safe, secure and cost efficient.

By utilizing the combination of the cold and stable climate in Norway, development of a passive cooling solution, hydro-power and top of the line energy efficient computer technology, we have created a fully scalable and viable IT solution for Internet Service Providers, Telecommunications Providers, Service Providers and large institutions.

This enables you to expand your IT operations and meet your needs in the rate you feel is appropriate at any time, gaining flexibility, scaling and at the same time have a safe journey into the cloud. The service is private, secure and price competitive.

Our services enables your company to benefit from a sustainable value chain you can share with your customers, while all operations of the data power are done from your desk and the hassle of physically expanding your data center are removed.

This is what we at Fjord IT call Green Data Power – made for organizations with aspirations.

Fjord IT’s Green Data Power criteria

Fjord IT is a environment first company, implying that all aspects of the business are evaluated in terms of how sustainable they are. We create shared value and challenge the status quo through our business model. To be able to deliver Green Data Power, all our installations and our different locations have to meet the following criteria:

  • The technology products used, must be as energy efficient as possible. We go to great lengths in finding the best products it the market.
  • We strive to use natural, passive cooling in all our locations. To help achieve this, we have developed our own patent-pending solution with a PUE as low as 1.01.
  • All products must be recyclable.
  • All power must be from sustainable sources, such as hydro-power.

This creates long shared values chain for us, and our customers.